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Event PeriodJan 12th 18:00 ~ Jan 26th 06:59 AM 2022 (PT)
Winner Announcement

Jan 26th after maintenance (PT)

* To receive results through email, please agree to receive emails from OP.GG.

You can win 800 Event NP and an OP.GG Emote even if you complete only 1 mission!
Rewards will be given to players who complete at least one event mission.
800 Event NP
OP.GG Emote
Complete all the missions, you might win additional prizes!
The more days you complete the mission, the higher your chance of winning.
New Skin
에스파 ER 포스터
에스파 ER 포토카드
Kakao wireless charger

How To Participate

Log in to the Eternal Return page on OP.GG

Link your Eternal Return Nickname

Complete Daily Missions

Follow the daily mission guide to complete the missions!

The more days you complete the missions, the higher your chance of winning.

* Unfortunately, players on the Microsoft version are excluded at this time.

Daily Mission Guide

The event has concluded.

Thank you for your participation.

Daily Mission Time Remaining00:00:00
Enjoy Eternal Return in the New Year
Play at least 2 matchmade games
Wildlife Hunting
Slay 5 chickens
Slay 5 bats
Slay 5 boars

Find your destiny!

Enter the information for your fortune to be revealed.

We do not store your information!

Your Favorite Character
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Event Policy

1. Only players that have completed the OP.GG login and linked their ER nickname can participate.

2. Games that are abandoned early are not tracked.

3. Daily missions reset at 7 AM (PT) everyday and players will not be able to progress on past missions.

4. The winning result will be sent via email that you use to log in to OP.GG. In order to receive it, you must agree to receive emails from OP.GG.

5. If you change your ER nickname after the announcement of the results, you must inform your changed nickname to service+er.op.gg.

6. The in-game rewards will be sent to the Eternal Return account that is linked to OP.GG.

7. Event NP lasts for 7 days and is non-refundable.

8. If you purchase products, older Event NP will be used first.

9. Depending on the item, personal information for shipment purposes may be collected. Information will be immediately disposed after the reward is shipped and will not be used for any other purpose.

10. We are not responsible for undeliverable items due to recipient's incorrect information. Redelivery will not be possible.

11. If no reply is received within 90 days from the date of announcement, the prize may be cancelled.

Result Announcement

Thank you for participating in 2022 HAPPY NEW ER

Rewards information will be sent to winners via email.

Be sure to check the settings to receive emails on My Page.


New Skin - 15 Winners

[자게] nicoti***@naver.com[랑께님] kakh23***@gmail.com[청랑아] srw928***@naver.com[instr] wnshwo***@naver.com[승욱0831] ysu831***@gmail.com[우주최강homework] ghdaud***@naver.com[Kah] karolv***@hotmail.com[종선생] zys745***@gmail.com[Binz0523] rhj103***@gmail.com[하진성] pure41***@gmail.com[PeemN] peemsa***@gmail.com[날라리토끼] cyuns9***@naver.com[Nomeow] zelena***@gmail.com[뽀글머리신사] play12***@nate.com[사티23] 0710su***@naver.com

Kakao wireless charger - 25 winners

[GangstaParadise] zZzhoa***@gmail.com[EnderLILIES] orzeor***@gmail.com[kikixw1234] kikixw***@naver.com[래샤다] kill05***@naver.com[Nike911] rdkst2***@privaterelay.appleid.com[llllllTMTllllll] cxuber***@naver.com[보징] mipo47***@naver.com[이바라기] woomes***@naver.com[CritCleric] michae***@gmail.com[1234fo] yuyu98***@naver.com[Rindairin] wars82***@gmail.com[파야파야] kjy200***@naver.com[경키지유] azxa12***@naver.com[엄마판다아기판다] show54***@naver.com[性感潇洒在线皮] 666zth***@gmail.com[고혜진] kkh260***@naver.com[Audipop101] austin***@hotmail.com[shubashuba] chengh***@gmail.com[Mexdragon] carlos***@gmail.com[서단정] geolgo***@naver.com[WafflesLite] Tanner***@gmail.com[도핑충] thirte***@nate.com[chris1207] chris7***@hanmail.net[비는내리네] kmh342***@gmail.com[잃어버린대사관] qetqet***@naver.com

800 Event NP & OP.GG Emote

Will be sent to all the players who have completed Daily missions once.*Event NP will expire after 7 days of acquisition.*Older Event NP will be used first.
Emails have been sent to players who have participated in the event regarding results and rewards.

If you did not receive the email, please check your spam mail box or go to MY Page -> OP.GG account settings -> Check Email Receive Agreement.

If you still have a problem, contact service+er@op.gg

Hope you have Happy New ER!